What is Momme in silk fabric ?


Mommes (mm), is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality and density of silk fabrics.


  1MM =  4.34 grams per square meter

16MM = 69 grams per square meter

19MM = 82 grams per square meter

 22MM = 95 grams per square meter

   25MM = 108 grams per square meter



             The higher momme weight the better?


That depends. Normally, the higher the momme weight, the more durable the weave, the more luxurious the fabric is, the more suitable it is for heavy-duty use.

But the heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes. This can vary even between the same kind of silk


Since silk is a natural fiber, this results in higher prices than many other textiles. 

A 22-momme variety is going to be more dense than a 17 or 19 momme - and far more expensive.


However, how high the momme is really depends on what the needs of the silk garment are.

Since silk has so many different uses, it needs a variety of momme weights to work effectively for all purposes.

Typically, silk that is less than 19mm  is considered lightweight and is mainly used for delicate items.


                     The usual range of momme weight for different weaves of silk are:


Organza-4 to 6 mm

Chiffon - 6 to 8 mm

Habotai—12 to 16 mm

Crepe de Chine-12 to 16 mm

Charmeuse Silk -12 to 30 mm


Regardless of the weight you choose, the benefits of wearing silk are unmatched.