O La Promesse

The idea behind La Promesse is simple: Our mission is to create perfectly-cut, high-quality pieces where sensuality meets comfort. Our aim is to offer our customers carefully designed garments and prove that investing in a piece of our collection is an investment in yourself, your wardrobe and a more sustainable fashion system.

 All of our products are carefully designed, handmade and fairly produced in our atelier in Poland: ethically-made from the finest, softest, most flattering eco-friendly fabrics. Our versatile, multi-wear designs can take you from the beach to brunch to the boardroom - all in one garment. 

We offer all women luxury quality at a fair and accessible price. 



All pieces are ethically made in Poland in limited quantities where most of them are made to order, that way we achieve a sustainable business with zero waste. We do believe that small-scale production involves a closer relationship with our customers, better quality control and a sense of individuality. At La Promesse we have decided to never do any sales or discounts because we want to be loyal to our clients and transparent on our prices.


At La Promesse we select fabrics based on feel and durability, not on cost and we focus on fabrics that are beautiful but also eco-friendly. Textiles impact the environment in a number of different ways, so we try to choose fabrics that have the least negative effect on the earth.